Cargasacchi Cutlery in Venice Italy

Cargasacchi Cutlery in Venice Italy

About us

Coltelleria Cargasacchi is a historical shop set in the heart of Venice, Italy. Founded in 1958 by Marcello Cargasacchi, it has become an internationally-renowned window into the art of knife and pipe making, attracting visitors from all over the world.

This family-run business also features a wide range of high-quality products and luxury collectibles including smoking items, chef knives, kitchen utensils, shaving brushes, manicure sets, and professional scissors.

Fifty years ago, Marcello started this local business a few steps from Venice's St. Mark’s Square, following his passion for knives and craftsmanship. Half a century later, the shop preserves the atmosphere and charm of the old days, with wooden furniture and Venetian marble flooring. His dedication and knowledge remain with Andrea, his son, and Giovanni, his grandson.

Coltelleria Cargasacchi
Dove acquistare coltelli e pipe a Venezia

Coltelleria Cargasacchi's focus is on quality, handmade, sapience, and elegance.

At this knife and pipe shop, enthusiasts, collectors, and experts can admire precious pieces made by the best world-famous artisans.

A window into knife making

Venice's Coltelleria Cargasacchi hosts pieces made by the most prominent knife-makers in Italy and worldwide. Among them are Ballestra, Wilson, Atti Morotti, Max, Fin, Terzuola, Riboni, and Centofante.
High-quality materials are key. The shop features a wide range of Damascus blades and knives made of mother-of-pearl, fossil ivory, briarwood, warthog, and horn.
The shop also boasts the sale of the world's best chef knives made by Global, Kasumi, and Zwilling.

A window into pipe making

Coltelleria Cargasacchi's focus is on smokers of refined tastes. It hosts handmade and unique pipes by Ser Jacopo, Mastro De Paja, Viprati, Amorelli, Savinelli, Caminetto, Ceppo.
The shop also pays special attention to smoking luxury items such as Dupont lighters and cigar cutters.