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Our e-commerce website is live!

August 21 2023

Venice's Coltelleria Cargasacchi is proud to announce the launch of its first e-commerce website

Cargasacchi Cutlery Venice

Coltelleria Cargasacchi, a historical shop set in the heart of Venice, Italy, has today launched its first e-commerce website. Available in English and Italian, it classifies as a window into knife and pipe making as an art and features precious pieces made by the best world-famous artisans. The website's focus is on knife collectors, smokers, experts, and enthusiasts of refined taste. "We are extremely excited about our collaboration with Web-Lab on the creation of this important project", said Andrea Cargasacchi, the store manager. "With our establishment dating back to 1970, the moment has come to establish connections with our global clientele across borders. The website allows us to connect with collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world and propose our unique and handmade items. I'm sure that many of our aficionados will be thrilled to learn that they can now buy directly from our website".It is now possible to purchase items by visiting the section E-Shop at the top of the homepage. The website currently has four shopping categories - Collection Knives, Kitchen & Chef Knives, Pipes, and Lighters - and will feature additional products in the following month.For more information about our e-commerce website and our products, please email or call +39 0415234557.