Atti Morotti

Atti Morotti

Atti Morotti

Attilio Morotti, alias Atti Morotti, is an Italian knife maker and Master of the Italian Knifemakers Guild since 2007.

Atti Knives is the brand that distinguishes the works he creates: unique knives, products with both fixed and folding blades, handmade and of the highest quality.

Before taking an interest in knives, his passion for archery had led him to devote himself to the construction of wooden bows; the value of this experience is still demonstrated today by the arrow in its logo.

He finished making his first knife on December 13, 2002, and continued the construction of fixed knives for just over a year before embarking on the folding path.

Without specific schools, thanks to the "stubbornness", the desire to do and the love for handcrafted creations, also taking advantage of the advice of great experts (Emilio Albericci, Eligio Ambrosioni, Silvester and Claudio Volpato), he came to create leaflets of recognised quality which on 2 June 2007 earned him the title of Master of the Italian Knifemakers Guild.

"For the blades, mainly RWL 34 stainless steel, stainless Damascus, carbon Damascus and mosaic Damascus are used.

For the grips, all natural materials are used such as mother-of-pearl, mammouth fossil, horn, stabilised woods and composite materials that are specially made such as carbon fiber, sometimes setting pins in 18k gold; 416 stainless steel is ideal for burin engraving"

"To guarantee a true handcrafted construction, the use of machinery is reduced to a minimum, and this ensures that each piece created is as unique as possible."