This limited-edition, made in France by S.T. Dupont, was dedicated to Picasso on the occasion of the 25th year of collaboration between the French maison and the Spanish artist. It belongs to the Ligne 2 collection and is limited to 1962 pieces.

Its main features are:

- Picasso's portrait of Jacqueline in a Straw Hat appearing on the front

- The artist's signature on the back

- S.T. Dupont's logo engraved on the top

- Glossy white lacquered body

- Palladium head with microdiamond pattern

- Pyrophoric system double soft yellow flame


- 24 lines ignition roller

Ligne 2 Picasso White Limited Edition

S.T. Dupont

Weight: 125g

Base material: brass

Dimensions: Length 62mm X Width 37mm X Thickness 11mm

Packaging: Premium box and metal plate

€ 1,869.00

From the category "Lighters"